What if the Sky was a Cap?

Cap /kap/ – a protective lid or cover for an object such as a bottle, the point of a pen, or a camera lens.

To a lot of people the world is as we see it, ranging from the Earth we walk on to the sky we see day in and day out. The world is what we can see; the visual reality. Maybe I’m simply having these alternate thoughts because after a long winter in Canada, I noticed the pure excellence of the blue sky on a beautiful day like today. And, because I like to challenge everything that comes into my thought process, I thought, what is the purpose? Why do we even bother saying that the sky is the limit, when we know that it’s not? We do know that there is a beyond to that sky – our universe. Maybe the sky is the limit to our tiny human brains because it is a simple cap, granting us ignorance to what we cannot see.

My next question then arose, what is the purpose of this protective lid? Scientific explanations aside, why do we allow the sky to be the extent of our reality? What is beyond and why don’t we think about that nearly as often as we question why the sky is blue? Our world would be drastically different if we were able to physically see the beyond – what if we looked up and it was the solar system as we know it floating around us? What if the cap popped off and instead of exploding Coca-Cola (oh wait are those their brains) we got something beautiful? What if the people who truly need to see to believe got the affirmation they needed that the universe is alive with energy and therefore can be treated as a being?

Maybe if the cap came off then the rusting undertone would become apparent. Maybe if it gave way then we would be able to see that beyond, yes, it is beautiful and alive but that the cap itself has grown tired. It’s not because of the old age; it’s already been alive and well for billions of years, holding in its insides tightly without leak. But now that the cap is off we can clearly see what we have done – our responsible damage. Maybe the cap needs to fall away like wet paper, so that we can capture the answers that we’ve been craving – to be able to understand our place in the universe, only to find that our view is clouded with abuse.


8 thoughts on “What if the Sky was a Cap?

  1. As I see it, the sky is limitless, full of beauty and creativity. Depending on the weather, by day we can view the most wonderful shades of colour and use our imagination to view pictures among the clouds. And then, when it’s dark (a lesson there) we get to see the glorious stars, and if we’re ‘lucky’ evidence of other life too.

    By the way, have you ever tried cloud dissolving? It really works!!! Just focus on a small cloud and tell it to dissolve, over and over again. Wonderful personal evidence for the power of the mind.
    Love, Light & Blessings ❤

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