Hello 🙂 My name is Brianna and I am a university student studying my two favourite things in the entire world – Political Science and English Literature, aka real life tea that has both catastrophic and life changing impacts on millions of people, and an extremely biased canon clogged with old white men who are both brilliant and have dictated far more than simply which novel we get to read in high school. I mean, what could be better right? 

I wanted to start this blog for if nothing else, to track my own thought processes as I finish my university degree, and to also put the debates I seem to constantly have in my head until the moment I fall asleep…and then in my dreams, on paper. Some of the topics I’ll include in this blog are: my take on certain current political events or issues mainly in the areas of American & Canadian Politics and International Relations, creative writing pieces, as well as the inclusion of some of my other passions in horror, conspiracies, spirituality and the jagged puzzle pieces that make up the dark side of humanity.

Welcome beautiful people 🙂